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Status of Fall Courses

Instruction resumes on Wednesday, August 26th using alternate delivery methods, such as remote learning, whenever possible. To reflect this, Fullerton College has compiled a list of changes to all Fall 2020 courses. This spreadsheet provides an up-to-date status of course instruction as of March 17. Students can check on the status of their courses transitioning from in-person to remote instruction or other.


NOTE: Any/all questions for the VRC need to be sent to our email account. At this time we are not taking phone calls.


Outside the Wire: Here to serve FC students

OTW and the mental health services we offer are willing to assist the FC campus and Staff however we are needed.

“Recognizing just how unusual the times are, with regard to the Covid-19 and coronavirus concerns around our world, and the varying forms of impact this event may be having on your student veterans, I wanted to offer extended support by the entire Outside The Wire Staff.  Meaning, please feel free to utilize our REMOTE services during this time.  While we are all being advised to follow CDC and County-wide directives with regard to our physical health and wellbeing, I wanted you to know that OTW will provide tele-mental health through ZOOM and/or phone sessions with anyone who is a member of your FC Student Veteran Family.  In times past, we ordinarily would not recommend tele-mental health services as an option because it is not ideal for making the best rapport and connection with clients; however, under these circumstances, we are happy to provide our free and confidential services to your students who may be in need, via alternative methods.”

–Dr. Miatta R. Snetter, Psy.D.
–Director of Clinical Services, OTW OC
–U.S.VETS Outside the Wire
Outside The Wire Resources and points of contact:
  • Nicole Souders, LMFT (Therapist):
  • Michelle Fuentes (Case Management Specialist):
  • Dr. Miatta Snetter, Psy.D. (Director):
  • OTW Toll Free Number: 888-556-9993 (student veterans can make an anonymous appointment, as a member of our team will respond to this number)
  • Veterans Crisis Line (for emergencies that cannot wait): 800-273-8255 (veterans should press option #1)