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Make your appointment to see the counselor at least 3 weeks before your registration time if you want your benefits to be distributed in a timely manner.

Complaint Resolution Procedure

Veterans Resource Center (VRC) prides itself on providing Veteran Education Services in a timely manner. However, there are rare instances in which a student feels that they has been treated unfairly. There are two processes: (1) an informal resolution process involving the VRC staff and student services administration; and (2) a formal complaint process through the North Orange County Community College District (NOCCCD) Equity & Diversity Office.

Informal Resolution Process
If a student has a complaint about services or accommodations, they should contact the Veterans Resource Center (VRC) staff member responsible for that specific service. If preferred, a student may submit a letter of complaint or complete a Complaint Resolution Form.
Step 1: The VRC staff member responsible for the service will investigate the complaint and make every effort to issue a written response within a reasonable time (not to exceed two weeks) following the initial contact with the student.
Step 2: If the student is dissatisfied with the written response from the VRC staff member, they may appeal in writing* or meet with the Counselor/Coordinator. Dr. Nick Arman | Dr. Arman will also investigate the complaint and issue a written decision in a timely manner (not to exceed two weeks) following receipt of the appeal.
Step 3: If the student is dissatisfied with the the Coordinator’s decision, they may file a written appeal or meet with the Dean of Student Support Services. Dr. Elaine Lipiz-Gonzalez |
Questions about the Complaint Resolution Procedure should be directed to the Coordinator. *A student who has difficulty with writing or reading may request accommodations from the VRC office to assist in completing the complaint/appeal form.
Formal Complaint Process

The formal process is available to the student during or after any step in the informal process. For a detailed explanation of the formal complaint process, visit the NOCCCD Equity and Diversity webpage.

Contact the VRC

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