NAVPA Scholarship 2017

The National Association of Veterans Program Administrators annual scholarship is a way for the organization to directly impact deserving student’s educational goals. The scholarship is open to full time students in the fall term at NAVPA member institutions. We are happy to announce the scholarship application period opens October 22nd 2017. Encourage your students to apply! For details and to apply visit our website.


For more detailed information, or to complete the application, click the link below:

NAVPA Scholarship

Placentia Round Table Women’s Club Scholarship

The Round Table Women’s Club in Placentia is proud to offer a scholarship to Fuller­ton College student veterans. The recipient must show academic merit based upon GPA and community involvement. The recipient MUST be available to attend the Placentia Round Table luncheon to receive the award in person. The luncheon is June 7th from 11:00am to 12:30pm.
**There are two $1000 scholarships: One will be granted to a student who is trans­ferring and starting at a 4-year institution in Fall 2017. The other scholarship will be granted to a student who is not yet transferring.


For more detailed information, or to complete the application, click the link below:

Placentia Round Table Women’s Club Scholarship

Veteran Service Award Scholarship

Our mission here at the Tierney Center for Veteran Services (TCVS) department, within OC Goodwill, is to create a collaborative impact within the Orange County Warrior Community. The term Warrior is meant to identify both Veterans and Service Members who currently serve or have served our nation in the US Armed Services, from any service era, combat or not. The first step in this impact is to connect with you the Warrior. This rapport is created by identifying your needs; in turn, navigating you to the appropriate community resources.

Presently, the Tierney Center for Veteran Services is able to impact two Warrior Students and one College Veteran Resource Center (VRC) by offering the Veteran Services Award.

Fullerton College is among one of the invited OC Colleges to participate in the Veteran Services Award.

1 Random Student from the entire program: $1250
1st place VRC in student enrollment: $1000
2nd place VRC in student enrollment: $1000
3rd place VRC in student enrollment: $750
4th place VRC in student enrollment: $750
5th place VRC in student enrollment: $500
6th place VRC in student enrollment: $500
7th place VRC in student enrollment: $250

For more detailed information, or to complete the application, click the link below:

Veteran Service Award Form

Enrique “Kiki” Zuniga Scholarship

Enrique “KiKi” Zuniga—whose immigrant parents were from Guanajuato, Mexico—was born and raised in the City of La Habra and is one of thirteen children: eight brothers and four sisters. Prior to Mendez vs. Westminster, which ended segregation in California schools, Kiki attended Wilson School, which was set up for Mexican American children.

Kiki attended Fullerton College before being drafted into the Army in 1961. After his service, he worked as a barber and in construction. However, with the guidance of Joe Lopez (professor at California State University Fullerton), Kiki enrolled in CSUF, where in his first semester as a student, he made the Dean’s List. Motivated by the Chicano Movement, he founded and served as the first M.E.Ch.A President at CSUF. In this role, Kiki visited local barrios to motivate Chicano youth to pursue higher education.

After earning his Bachelor’s degree at CSUF, he attended UC Santa Cruz, where he earned a K-12 Bilingual Teaching Credential. He then returned to CSUF to complete his Master’s degree in Library Science. Upon earning his Master’s degree, he was hired as a tenure-tracked full-time counselor at Fullerton College with one condition: he needed to earn a Master’s degree in counseling, which he would eventually receive from Chapman University. Making Fullerton College history, he was the college’s first full-time tenured-tracked Chicano counselor.

Kiki served as a counselor at Fullerton College for twenty-five years. During his tenure, he played a pivotal role in changing the campus climate relative to serving underrepresented and low-income students. He was known as the counselor who reached out to non-traditional students to motivate and convince them to pursue their goals for a brighter future. He was dedicated to helping students and believed in the power of education to change lives. He was famously known for “walking the quad” and making sure his students were in class.

When Mr. Zuniga retired, Fullerton lost one of its pillars. This scholarship is dedicated to him for his significant accomplishments and his love for guiding non-traditional students to academic success.

For detailed information about the scholarship, or to fill out the application, click the link below:



Laila Arman Memorial Scholarship

“There is no greater pain to the human heart that can compare to the torment of losing your child.”

Those are the words of Nick Arman, Fullerton College’s academic counselor in the Veterans Resource Center.

While Arman and his family can’t change what happened to their much-loved, 16-month-old child, Laila Arman, they have found a way to honor her with a memorial scholarship at Brandman University, where Arman will graduate May 22 with a doctorate of education in organizational leadership.

He hopes that continuing Laila’s legacy will bring joy and inspiration for the students who receive the scholarship, just as she did “for everyone who knew her since the day she was born.”

The accident that took Laila’s life in March happened one week before Arman was scheduled to defend his dissertation, which he did successfully… Read More


Contributions to the Laila Arman Memorial Scholarship Fund may be made through iDonate and the Brandman website, At the field marked “choose your designation,” select “Laila Arman Memorial Scholarship Fund.”

Scholarship Winners


Edward Urtiaga

Edward Urtiaga

2016 Placentia Scholarship recipient

Congratulations to our 2016 Placentia $1000 Scholarship recipient, Edward Urtiaga!

Samuel Park

Samuel Park

2016 Veteran Success Award recipient

Congratulations to the recipient of the $1250 2016 Veteran Success Award,  Samuel Park!!